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    I jumped in and I'm very happy with the engine performance. I haven't flown for awhile now (still haven't) and still haven't tried the fps combat, but I'm excited for it.

    My big wish pulls:::::
    1. persistent galaxy large enough to get lost in.
    2. Gathering/harvesting. Ability to sell or use resources to craft. (was crafting a thing or did I just dream that up?) Been so long.
    3. Combat missions that acquire some form of credits/funds to be spent on a large variety of usable items.
    4. No server wipes.
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    when you track everything that they've accomplished so far, at this point i think it's more difficult to believe that they won't achieve their goals, at this point it's just funny that there are still nay-sayers out there when the game is already so accomplished at least on a technical level (content wise is still lacking for whats playable vs what's promised but the content that has been demo'd is top notch so i have a high degree of confidence that Squadron 42 will be very good, if not amazing.)

    Quote Originally Posted by NandP View Post
    2. Gathering/harvesting. Ability to sell or use resources to craft. (was crafting a thing or did I just dream that up?) Been so long.
    keep your eyes on the horizon NandP! from this weeks schedule:

    In addition, there is a second thread [subscribers only] for the next 10 for the Chairman staring Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec, where they’ll be answering your questions about professions in Alpha 3.0, with a special emphasis on Cargo and Mining. Don’t forget that in addition to adding your questions, Subscribers can also vote on the ones they want to see answered most.
    I know that modification / "overclocking" parts is planned. I got a workbench item reward at some point specifically for this. I can currently place it in my hangar. it doesn't do anything yet tho lol.

    I'm not sure what degree crafting will be done. Personally I hope they do something similar to Eve's production with blue prints and you have to go to a base with factories etc. maybe include some level of privatization / player ownership but yeah i have no idea.
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